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JLS-10 Assembled Transformer
JLS-10 assembled transformer is used in AC power system with rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz and rated voltage of 10kv, as the function of calculation for active power and reactive power.
Application standard: GB17201 (Current transformer)
Type Designation
Operation Conditions
Installation area:outdoor
Ambient temperature: Max. temperature 40≧;Min. temperature -25≧( -45≧);Daily average temperature can't exceed 30≧.
Air conditions: No heavy pollution in air.
Technical Parameter
Rated voltage radio
Current Transformer Combined accuracy /Rated output
Voltage Transformer Combined accuracy /Rated output
ltimate output
Rated insulation level
Note: datas like rated current ratio,Rated voltage radio Combined accuracy and corresponding rated output can be customer-made according to different need. Please refer to label datas.
Rated primary current:5A、10A、15A、20A、30A、40A、50A、75A、100A、150A、200A、300A。
Rated secondary current: 5A
Rated short-time thermocurrent: 40I1n
Rated dynamic stability current: 100I1n
Structure and Feature
This type assembled transformer is builtup by two single-phase voltage transformer and two current transformer. It takes transformer oil as insulating medium. Primary and secondary outlets are mounted on the panel seperately by porcelain bushing shell and secondary outlet board. There are mounting holes on the bottom of the oil box. This type has advantages of high calculation precision, light weight,easy mounting and thief-proof.
Outline and Mounting Dimensions

Information Required for Order Placing
Rated current ratio A.
Rated voltage radio kV。
Combined accuracy classes and Rated output VA。
Altitude m.