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JDN2-35 Type Voltage Transformer
JDN2-35 Type Current Transformer outdoor is suitable for power and voltage measurement and relay protection in power system with rated frequency 50Hz and rated voltage 35kV of neutral point earthing system effectively.
Applicable Standard:IEC60044-1 Current Transformer
Type Designation
Operation Conditions
Installation area:outdoor
Ambient temperature: Max. temperature 40íŠ;Min. temperature -25íŠ( -45íŠ);Daily average temperature can't exceed 30íŠ.
Air conditions: No heavy pollution in air.
Technical Parameter
Rated voltage radio
Rated output
ltimate output
Rated insulation level
Class 0.5
Class 1
Class 3
Note: Rate output and corresponding Combined accurancy just meet one of the items.

Structure and Feature
This Type Voltage Transformer is oil box structure, combined by four parts: oil box,insulator, active part and transformer oil. The iron core is folded to be three-column shell type by quality strip-type silicon steel sheet. Sliping winding in the iron core to make it as active part. Then by drying process under vacuum condition, the active part is fixed in the oil box. The outlet terminal of primary winding and secondary winding are educed from oil box cover seperately by high-voltage big insulator and small insulator. There are oil valve and grounded bolt at bottom of the oil box. There is oil conservator upside of the product. It has a capsule in the oil conservator, which makes seperation of the transformer oil and air in order to slow down the aging of the transformer oil effectively.
Outline and Mounting Dimensions

Information Required for Order Placing
Rated voltage radio kV.
Combined accuracy classes and Rated output VA.
Altitude m.